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Struggling to get that waist-to-hip-to-derriere ratio just right? Fed up of jeans that fit over your hips but gape at the waist? Then you’re experiencing the waist gap problem!

Most of us curvy girls have smaller upper bodies compared to our hips and bum, so we often struggle to find bottoms that fit. Industry jeans sizes tend to stick to a set size and ratio, leaving most curvy women with very few alternatives.

So, if you are on a mission to find the perfect fitting denim for your curves, read on….




First off, know your shape: Pear? Hourglass? Apple? Shopping for jeans is a highly personal experience; it is less trend-led and more rooted in finding the perfect style to suit your shape and lifestyle all year round. Once you understand which category you fall under then finding the right jeans will become easier. And, keep in mind that what works for one woman won’t necessarily work the same way for another. Just because someone else tells you what fits great or looks good doesn’t mean it will always work the same way for you. If you need help understanding your shape, try looking up different celebrities or models with a similar body to yours to see which denim cuts best suit them. Consider your own height versus the model’s, and check what kind of footwear they’re wearing. Then ask yourself if you’re more likely to wear your jeans with heels or flats?

The second most important thing when trying to solve the waist gap is: Fit and fabric.

Not all jeans are made equal. It’s important to know the fabrication of your jeans. Does it have any stretch, for instance? 100% cotton jeans or those with slightly less elastane will be slightly more rigid than those with a higher percentage and are less likely to lose their shape and gape around the bum and at the waist.

Finding jeans that provide that custom-made, tailored effect, will also help to solve the waist gap dilemma. Look for jeans that include structuring or curve tailoring at the back and sides to help give every inch of your hips, waist and bum even more definition, removing the need for belts once and for all!
Check out our ultra-form-fitting and derrière-boosting denim collection. All our jeans feature a proprietary panelling structure designed to fit you like a glove.


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