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Our brand is committed to sustainability and ethical production, and we strive to create high-quality denim products that are both stylish and responsible.

Our manufacturing process

SauvMaison products pass through a production chain that is 100% organic and therefore completely eco-friendly and eco-sustainable.

Our manufacturer’s production path operates within specific parameters, by only using organic materials and production processes. Thus contributing to a ‘healthy’ product, and therefore ‘healthy environment’. Our manufacturers have produced SauvMaison denimwear that respects the standards of environmental sustainability.

Organic cotton is grown without any toxic chemicals or genetically modified seeds. Therefore, organic cotton has a low impact on the environment. Organic production leaves soil suitable for other crops to supplement farmers’ food and pay. There are large disparities between, organic cotton and conventional cotton as conventional cotton is a chemical-intensive process. The by-products affect air, water, and soil. They can be extremely toxic and have a huge impact on people’s health in cotton-growing areas. Our manufacturers also use recycled water during the production process.

We have a passionate focus on sustainability; SauvMaison is not throw away fashion. We care about our customers truly receiving value with every buying decision, we care about our impact on the environment and we care about what SauvMaison stands for. These key pillars hold us to a standard; we curate quality durable timeless pieces; essential for our customers!

Quality & experience

When visiting our manufacturers, we were able to see first-hand exactly how our jeans are made. Our manufacturers are a family-owned business, and the team consists of fifteen dynamic and highly qualified individuals who in most cases have accompanied the growth of the company since the beginning. Their know-how, professionalism, and experience coupled with their quality of denim and implementation of an eco-friendly sustainable supply chain, are the reasons why we chose to have our jeans manufactured with them in Italy.

Denim made from 100% organic cotton
Eco-friendly and sustainable production
family-owned Italian manufacturers
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