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The Curve Movement

Exclusively for Curvy Women

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We are on a mission to shatter the standardised and normative body sterotype and celebrate the allure of curves. The Curve Movement champions a beauty standard where every body type is celebrated and embraced.

The Struggle is Real

Fashion and media – society’s key tastemakers – perpetuate a damaging beauty standard that ties a woman’s worth to her appearance. A deep-rooted bias that simultaneously favouring slim bodies while disregards curvy bodies is sending a detrimental message — curvier women are ‘not right.’

Exclusion is more than the waist gap

The thin-ideal isn’t just about clothes. It chips at self-esteem and can lead the way to feelings of depression, body dysmorphia, and eating disorders specially if we don’t fit the traditional beauty standards. 

It is important for fashion brands to start designing clothes for a wider range of body types, and it is also important for the media to stop promoting unrealistic body standards.

Designing for Diversity

Fashion should be an empowering force, enhancing self-esteem with every purchase, and championing self-expression and identity. It’s essential for design processes to consider all body types, enabling everyone to wear their attire with comfort and confidence. For those included, it fosters mental and emotional well-being. For those excluded, it can be destructive.

Globally, a mere 4% of women consider themselves beautiful, and a staggering 70% report underrepresentation in media and advertising.

Our manifesto

Revolutionising Beauty Standards

Welcome to The Curve Movement. We are not just a campaign; we are a revolution. 

The Curve Movement confronts industry norms that neglect or inadequately accommodate curvy women. Uniting voices and sparking dialogues, this movement creates avenues for curvy women to reshape the industry and instigate significant change. Owning their space in the fashion industry, we aim to bring fresh perspectives while bolstering their empowerment and that of others, thus cultivating broader representation.

Here, every curve signifies uniqueness, and we’re devoted to shifting societal perceptions to recognise that beauty has no size limit.

Our mission

  • Redefine Beauty: Challenging societal norms, asserting that beauty knows no shape or size.
  • Champion Inclusivity: Propelling curvy women from the margins to the mainstream. You’re not just included—you’re the ideal.

We are here to rewrite narratives, alter perceptions, and encourage the fashion industry to embrace all body types.

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