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Made with love for the modern woman with curves.



The SauvMaison Effect is a concept blending meticulous scientific research with the art of denim design to create a contoured collection that empowers curvy women to decide what beauty means to them.

It is achieved with a classic tailored look that perfectly sculpts, enhances and highlights the figure of curvy, feminine women while accommodating the features they are naturally gifted with.

It is that feeling you get when:

  • Buying jeans turns from a negative experience into pure joy.
  • Belts give way to curve-fitting cuts.  
  • You don’t need to keep buying jeans that lose shape and instead enjoy comfortable booty-hugging jeans guaranteed not to stretch or compromise after washing.
  • You go from DIY tailoring your jeans to finally finding jeans that work with the shape of your butt instead of against it, making you feel great whatever you wear them for.




We’ve carried out an in-depth analysis of premium denim wear with a laser focus on curves.

Developed lovingly in collaboration with our amazing customers, our jeans have been rigorously tested, prototyped and moulded to fit women of all shapes and sizes.

A perfect blend of timeless elegance, uncompromising quality and tailoring made exclusively for the curvy female frame.

Our unique “Proprietary panelling structure” combined with 100% organic technical fabrics are designed to give every inch of your hips, waist and bum even more definition than before through advanced tailoring techniques.




Derrière-boosting denim that accentuates your natural curves just right!

Jeans that contour to your hips and waist beautifully handcrafted by a team with extensive design experience.

Whether you’re petite or tall with pear-shaped hips or an hourglass figure, our jeans are cut to boost your bottom and flatter your thighs so you can walk in confidence.

An ultra-form-fitting and derrière-boosting collection that fits like a glove.




A one-of-a-kind, Ready-To-Wear Collection designed in London and made exclusively for your hips, thighs, waist and derrière.

Premium denim that suits each body type and all occasions, custom-made to ensure maximum comfort and style, and guaranteed not to stretch over time.

The best of all worlds: precision sculpted, premium organic cotton, eco-friendly, and affordable!

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