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We are so excited to bring SauvMaison Jeans ‘The Contour Collection’ to the world. Our R&D has been 3 years in the making, so when we say we are truly grateful for all the positive feedback, know that there has seldom been a truer statement.

We have created tailored denim for the hips, thighs, and derrière. Our Contour Collection is available in sizes 8-22, as we pride ourselves on being an inclusivity brand. We are the go-to brand, synonymous with ‘Tailored High End Jeans for the Chic and Curvaceous Modern Woman’.

We are currently in the middle of quarantine due to the COVID19 outbreak, and it is quite worrying as we are in uncertain times. In the midst of this type of uncertainty only a killing virus with no cure can bring, we are in awe of the hidden heroes doing their unselfish best to save lives and lead by example.  A beautiful young woman (39 years old) was denied hospital admittance, despite suffering with symptoms, as she was deemed ‘not a priority’ and sadly she passed away.

So here’s the thing- there comes a time in life when women must decide whether they are going to make themselves the priority.  Gone are the days of waiting for someone else to esteem and value you.  Today, right now we have the freedom and choice to choose ourselves to esteem ourselves.  And in turning a negative into a positive, this is the purpose for which we created ‘Women with Base’.

Women with BASE
Boss – we women are sure about what we need and want. We are a priority! Audacity – we have the smarts to defy ‘usual’, you will see nothing average here! Sensational – our bodies are the epitome of effeminate poetry; come in all shapes and sizes. Our inner and outer beauty is not for the ordinary, we are exceptional Equal- we stand up for women, are confident, timeless, inspirational and want to make a statement in the world!

SauvMaison was created to change what has been a negative experience for curvy women, into pure joy- an expression of our ability to decide on our own definition of millennial beauty.  When we go to work, the SauvMaison team has a core woman in mind, and she is a woman with BASE. We know we are women with BASE! Are u? We can name a few that we know have it, Beyonce, Rihanna, Meghan Duchess of Sussex, Kim Kardashian, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Lilly Singh, Nayla Al Khaja, Blake Lively, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lopez, Priyanka Chopra, Fil Xiaobai, Angelina Jolie, Alakija, Mia Mottley, Gemma Chan, stay at home mums, working mums, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, nurses, Drs, hairdressers, lawyers, soldiers and influencers to name a few. The list goes on and on because women just have it! These women are women with BASE and those are the women that wear our jeans.


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